Interview David! Click on the questions to hear the answers.


  1. Here is a guy who is one of Hollywood's finest actors and musical talents, the Illya Kuryakin Man From UNCLE, David McCallum. Welcome, David.
  2. It's incredible to me that you've had time to record three albums now for Capitol. I see you on Man From UNCLE, in feature movies, and TV guest spots. You really are busy.
  3. It must take a lot of drive.
  4. You enjoy the music as much as the acting work?
  5. You studied the oboe?
  6. I wouldn't like to think of one, because I'd be devoid of employment.
  7. Does the title "Music: It's Happening Now" have any significance, David?
  8. Each track in this album has got a real wiggy arrangement. Aren't they yours?
  9. Then you work somewhat like Jackie Gleason, making up the sounds in your head and having someone else transcribe it?
  10. Most actors become singers, how is it you didn't take that easier way out?
  11. You didn't sneak one in on us did you? I mean in "House of Mirrors" on the record I hear a guy's voice.
  12. It seems to me, David, this album, "Music: It's Happening Now" is even better than the previous records. It's really what "Life Magazine" calls "The McCallum Sound."
  13. I think we ought to sample the new "McCallum Sound" what do you want to hear?
  14. I like that. David, it's been a pleasure talking to you. Thanks for being here.