Amadeus on Broadway!
Premieres December 15, 1999 at the Music Box Theater.
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Cast bows on opening night
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Michael Sheen, David McCallum, David Suchet

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Outside the theater with Akemi, Saturday 12/17/99

Akemi: We were able to take some pictures with David! He was very so sweet and soft and gentleman! We were very happy to meet him.
Teruko: Maybe I think David said below ;
"Thank you so much for pretty flowers."
"Did you come from Japan?"
"Were you enjoying the play?"
And when I asked him taking his pictures, "Sure, it's nice idea."

David with Japanese fan Teruko, same date

With Gayland, 12/18/99
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Gayland: I Ask if I can take his picture but Laurie fires one off before I can take mine. I quickly take one after, but by now I'm hesitant to turn over my new digital camera for anyone else to take a picture of us together. You can see the oriental lady in my picture as she tells him, "I named my son after you!" "Is he alright?" David quips. "He's 10." she answers blankly.

Rox: rox.jpg (20725 bytes)... of course, the camera wouldn't work! He was very concerned. "Oh, isn't it working? It's not broken, is it?" No, thank goodness, it just has this nasty habit of turning itself off. Well, we got one picture--I just didn't have the heart to ask for another. He had done two shows that day and he was sweaty. I didn't want him to get chilled standing there with his hood off. So I thanked him profusely to which he remarked, "Oh, no problem, any time." (While he signed my Playbill I had told him how much we enjoyed the play and how he had done superbly, as always--to which he chuckled {like bells tinkling softly or a brook bubbling over stones!!!}.)  12/30/99 with Rox Cox
with Darlene, 12/12/99
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The theater that night.
dardave1.jpg (23923 bytes) Dar:  His royality shall now see you as the stage doorman ushered us in. rewind...heck the man himself came out and said, c'mon on in! Oh my Goodness and I think I heard some gasps behind me.    ....he grabs me, be still my heart, wait, let me take my coat off, still grabbing, okay, now he says, smile we are posing for them. ackkkk what do i look like NOOOOO the little devil , think I grabbed back..... YES then off he goes running down the aisle signing, talking, posing, and then back to me (perfect circle) waiting on my okay to leave ya he did and so he apoligized for not eating with us?? hey, who asked?amadeuswave.jpg (32892 bytes)

(photos by Cecille Sullivan and Darlene Kepner)
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12/12/99     (photos by Cecille Sullivan)
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And he was so happy he did indeed come running out and invite us all in , exclaiming that the gang's all here.

He signed all the playbills and would have kept going (we could have made a killing on e-bay if we'd only come prepared :) ) And yes, he did apologize for not coming out with us (!!!)amadeussign1.jpg (12625 bytes)

 Lisa: After the show we waited for him at the stage door. Darlene had alerted him to our visit ahead of time and after some little haggling with the doorman, David himself came and invited all of us in. He was positively GLOWING, he was so happy! He signed everybody's Playbills, thanked us "the whole crew" for coming and voluntarily posed for pictures.

The poster outside the Music Box, and a blurry one of 
David greeting the gang.
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12/12/99 (photos by Bonnie)

with Anne, Judy and Ellen, 2/5/00with Anne
With EllenEllen: "Let's do the pictures on stage," he suggested. Great! ... We could see out into the seats and spotted where we sat. Around us were some props - a golden chair, the pillows Mozart lies on, a table. We were thrilled and told David so. He  said "Ok, who's first?" and after a moment of hesitation, I volunteered. He  stood next to me and Judy took the picture. ... With JudyRight before Judy snapped, David fixed his hair a bit (maybe he was worried about hat head? I bet he knew he'd be on the web page!) "Who's next?" he asked, and Judy handed off her With Anne camera to me. ... Then Judy took a picture of David and Anne with Anne's  camera, but Emperor Joseph commanded she take another with her camera because he  thought there might be some red-eye. ... I told him there was one more picture left in the camera, and he said "Well, save it for the Empire  State Building." There was a bit of a smile behind that. He told Judy she had a good camera, so I asked what kind it was and she answered "Olympus."  "That's what I have," he told us, "but a different model." 

Kate D., 2/11/00
Me&DMc.jpg (35264 bytes)David McCallum and Kate in his dressing room on February 11th, just before the last subway. Kate's the one who looks (and felt) like she'd been struck by lightning. Photo taken by Doug, who was an incredibly good sport about it all and who ended up enjoying the show - and meeting David McCallum - thoroughly.

1/00  Jeff from New Jersey

with Anushka, March 7, 2000

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"...A lot of this conversation was going on while he was signing the playbills. After he'd signed them I asked if I could impose upon him to sign some photos, he said of

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With Anushka

course, then I got out a few pictures I had brought for that purpose. One of them was a lovely one from the '60s, he said, "Oh, that is Kuryakin, that was a long time ago." ...Then Ellen reminded me to take some pictures, so we did, first I took one of him alone, then Ellen and Vicky simultaneously took my picture with him and finally I took one of Vicky with him... When he was signing Vicky's playbill he was saying something like "l'Imperatore".
David and Ana
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With Vicky (Anushka's daughter)

(Ellen): LOL!! Here's what I remember of the picture taking - Anushka and Vicky snapping him at the same time, then Anushka handing me the camera and standing next to David while I took the picture of them. Then he kind of scooted over and stood next to Vicky...."

with Marlene, April, 2000
marlene.jpg (42493 bytes)When he saw my camera, he said, "Who's going to take the pictures?"
And before I could reply, he grabs the first girl off the street and says, "You look able-bodied." Then he gives that quirky smile and the gleam in his eye and says, "I'll reward you." I give her my camera and said just point and click.