Primary Stages Presents:
Byrd's Boy
May 30, 2001 - July 1, 2001

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David and Myra Taylor
David and Myra Lucretia Taylor in a poignant scene from the play 
Byrd's Boy playbill
Here's the Playbill - that's author Bruce J. Robinson's signature under David's.
ByrdsBoy playbill - inside
Here's what was inside the Playbill
Byrd Boy bio
David's bio inside.
Byrds' Boy, David and Lisa, 6-9-01
David and Lisa Sachs, June 9 - it was her birthday.
Byrd's Boy, David and Lisa, 6-9-01
Looks like it was good birthday for her!
New York Daily News 6/11/01
from the Primary Stages website
Cindy B. and David
Cindy Bellinger and David, July 1 - closing performance
David at Byrds Boy
Pat B. is missing, but she's standing next to David
Cindy B and David
Happy Cindy
David outside Primary Stages
Signing autographs (it looked like rain that day) July 1
David outside Primary Stages
More autographs in front of Primary Stages
After Saturday, June 30th show
Almost done - this was taken after the Saturday, June 30th show.
theater postcard
A postcard the theater sent out
Byrd's Boy
A picture for the press
David and truck
David gets out of his vehicle - before the last show
Cindy and David
Another view of Cindy and David
signing stuff
He's always got a minute to sign some pictures!
time for another picture
One more picture before David gets ready to start the show.
before the last show
Gayland gets a shot of David before the last performance.
before the last show
The autograph mob scene.
Beth and David, opening night
Beth and David, opening night

Darlene and David at a Saturday matinee