Happy IK Day!
1. Illya claims to be the son of T.E. Lawrence in
Foreign Legion Affair
Bat Cave Affair
Bridge of Lions Affair
Arabian Affair

2. Whose teeth does Illya want for cufflinks?
Mr. Waverly's
Ward Baldwin's
Emory Partridge's

3. Illya says "Hi!" only once (on the show), to?
Mr. Rudolf
Mr. Waverly

4. Illya calls Napoleon a blockhead in:
Come with Me to the Casbah Affair
The Birds and The Bees Affair
See Paris and Die Affair
The Fiery Angel Affair

5. In the Mad, Mad, Teaparty Affair, Illya complains that he is type-cast as
Good Cop
Bad cop
A 'smart Russian'
a mad scientist

6. Illya displays his cooking skills by making a soufflé in
The Hula Doll Affair
The Double Affair
The Children's Day Affair
The Suburbia Affair

7. The Quadripartite, Guicco Piano, and Bridge of Lions are all
Football plays
Chess Gambits
Ballet moves
Songs written by David

8. Astrologically, Illya is a

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