Test your McCallum trivia quotient

1. David was the greatest thing since:
sliced bread
peanut butter 'n' jelly
Fruit Loops

2. David caused a riot in the lingerie department in:

3. David played Lewis Carroll in:
Haunting of the Shark
Hunting of the Snark
Haunting of Morella

4. David rode in a submarine in:
Around the World Under the Sea

5. In the Great Escape, David is shot:
on a motocycle
in a prison camp
on a railway platform

6. In The Ravine, a woman:
looks at a man like a cow looks at a train
cooks for her man the way a bird builds a nest
drinks water from frozen snow like a prisoner of war

7. In King Solomons Treasure, David's character has:
a stutter
a limp

8. At the end of Robbery Under Arms, David is:
sent to prison
a father

9. Steel can:
stop time
freeze elevators
reverse physics

10. David's been acting professionally since:
he was 10
he was 12
he can't remember

Score =
Correct answers:

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