The Answers!

  1. Keith
  2. Dorothy Dorman
  3. Robbery Under Arms, Hell Drivers aka Hard Drivers, Jungle Street
  4. 3
  5. First marriage: Paul, Jason (adopted, deceased), Valentine; second marriage: Peter and Sophie
  6. Alex Vesey
  7. Diana Rigg
  8. 3 episodes: Sixth Finger, Form of Things Unknown, Feasibility Study
  9. Giuoco Piano Affair, Quadripartite Affair, Tigers Are Coming Affair, Five Daughters Affair
  10. Nickovetch
  11. False
  12. Strength, withstand the flow of time, bring his temperature down to absolute zero
  13. Daniel Westin, physics
  14. The Vulcan Affair/To Trap A Spy, The Double Affair/The Spy with my Face, Alexander the Greater Affair/One Spy Too Many, The Bridge of Lions Affair/One of Our Spies is Missing, The Concrete Overcoat Affair/The Spy in the Green Hat, The Five Daughters Affair/The Karate Killers, The Prince of Darkness Affair/The Helicopter Spies, The Seven Wonders of the World Affair/How To Steal TheWorld
  15. Jackie Cooper
  16. Dr. Maggio
  17. Five
  18. Adam West
  19. The Thrush Roulette Affair
  20. Doing a fashion photo shoot for Glamour Magazine
  21. Amadeus and Julius Caesar
  22. Teaching a retarded boy
  23. Macy's
  24. Lutheran Church of Our Savior, Valley Stream, NY
  25. Sol Madrid
  26. Bow Wow Wow Affair
  27. Adriatic Express Affair
  28. Sol Madrid
  29. Model
  30. Interior Designer
  31. Abominable Snowman Affair
  32. KLAE Corporation
  33. Joanna Lumley
  34. Three
  35. Slaughter AKA Dogs
  36. Kidnapped
  37. Hullaballoo
  38. Harrison Ford, Don Johnson, Tom Cruise
  39. Iain
  40. Scottish
  41. A Night To Remember, the Titanic
  42. False
  43. True
  44. False
  45. His private, family life
  46. Fashion designer
  47. False
  48. False
  49. Julius Caesar
  50. Cherry

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